As pure, protected and powerful as possible

The following "Prayer Meditation & Invocation" was created to deal with the challenges that emerged in 2020. I have been using this invocation together with a small group of people across the globe and we keep having very good experiences and positive results with it. This is encouraging and allows me now to publish the text openly.

Sit down in meditation, ideally every day at 5:30 am in the morning, according to your time zone.

Prepare and then speak the sentences from Step 1.3., Steps 2 and 3 out loud and from your heart. When you have finished the invocation, sit in meditative silence until ca. 45 minutes are completed.

It is an intense, very focused meditative invocation, so please take your time to feel into it and step into its powerful vortex. It covers many eventualities and phenomena, and aims at aligning ourselves fully to organic aliveness and divine order.

Feel free to share it with like-spirited friends and family.


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