Consequences of our Misunderstandings

Are you running in the right direction?

Our sense of flow and fulfillment in all areas of life is directly linked to how committed we are to our soul, how we have become one with our soul and spirit. Usually we get into a mess and crisis because we didn't know how to listen to our soul. We ignored our gut feeling and inner voice, and made a series of choices not aligned with our divine nature.

It really is important to listen to and act on our intuition. Because intuition comes from our higher self which is connected to supreme consciousness and always works in the interest of our soul. In fact, soul realisation means to consciously embody the intuitive and knowing faculties of our higher self – which is one of the aims of yogic consciousness practice and holistic self-healing.

Dis-eases, pain and problems are regulation and compensation attempts indicating us the need for course correction. All unhappiness and suffering is an invitation to pay attention. To transform pain into understanding.

We have to become aware of and release our limiting belief and thought patterns, conditionings and emotional charge, contracts, vows, entanglements and stories. Only then we are free to cognise our soul essence, our inherent qualities and energy signature. This will enable us to make optimal life decisions.

The more inner clutter we release the purer our system becomes which means that our thinking and perceiving become pure, our awareness increases and frequency rises, allowing us not only to receive but also to send out clearer, more potent signals. A transformation which has naturally consequences in all areas of your life.

Increasing self-awareness leads to soul field integrity, which paves the way to self-realisation and transcendence.

Now, the important questions are: How can you differentiate the input from your monkey mind and the input from your higher self? How do you know whether a thought and impulse come out of your own self, or from the outer field?

A classic way to ignore our intuition: we might be aware of an intuitive feeling, might even receive a clear information in your awareness field, but because our rational mind does not understand it, can’t see why we got the impulse, we probably chose to discard this inner signal… and regret your decision later.

Humans tend to carry so much mental clutter and emotional baggage that they have very limited awareness of their feelings, let alone their soul and spirit. They cannot connect to their intuitive voice because their subtle perception antennae are covered and untrained. They might have an inkling of a spiritual dimension, something that is larger than themselves that holds everything that is together, but they have not explored it (e.g. in meditation or spiritual healing) and are also not interested to find out more. It's ok. This is to be respected.

Help is at hand though, for those who want it.

If you would like to learn more and experience what your mind and soul can reveal and heal, get in touch.


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