Healing Traumata

In cases of physical, mental or emotional abuse and neglect, it is common that a disassociation takes place in the person who experiences the trauma. It is a self protection mechanism. This is true especially for the vulnerable souls of children in their fomative years.

These split off soul pieces stay connected to the individual but remain separated and stop developing further. This does not happen consciously but automatically and subconsciously. And in one way or another, those fragmentations lead to behavioural dysfunctions until they get healed and reintegrated. Apart from causing disturbances like chronic emotional charge in connection with particular triggers similar to the original trauma (situations or people), they leave a weakness and crack in the energy field which not only sabotages the person's progress in life but also creates a potential entry point for negative energy attachments.

A Soul Retrieval is intended to bring back and re-integrate the fragmented pieces of your self and soul. Retrieving lost soul fragments is an ancient healing method, which is crucial in order to restore your sense of self, well-being and personal power.

This process is similar to Inner Child Integration which is crucial for adults with traumatic backgrounds in order to avoid infantile behaviour in their intimate relationships, such as crying, sulking, stubbornness or other dysfunctions such as codependency or narcissistic tendencies.

Soul Retrieval marks an end of the "old", and a new beginning. It is important to continue working with the parts that have been retrieved. They were gone for years and when they return you must listen to them. They are your allies and bring strength and a wealth of information for you, knowledge that you need, for example how to trust, to love, to create, to write, to play, to have fun, to be present, to be self-confident etc.

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