The Soulfield of Your Business

The spiritual market place is an interesting playground. Many people assume that everything under the umbrella of 'spirituality' is safe and worth checking out. Whether traditional, new age or fusion, whether healing methods, yoga trainings, guru teachings, satsangs, tantra workshops, mantra chants, rituals or books – seekers run after it and practitioners offer it, believing it is all beneficial. After all, it is 'spiritual', or it has an authoritative tradition behind it, or a famous lineage. And all is 'love and light' anyway as 'we are all one'. Really?

Yes, from an absolute perspective this is true, we are one and share the same supreme source. And indeed, Earth used to be a divine paradies with that oneness integrity. But that was a long time ago. The reality we have in this day and age vibrates in lower dimensions, and denying that dark energies exist is naive, even dangerous.

The good news is, that the frequency reality we started to have on the planet is increasingly refining our perception and revealing what is pure and whole, and what is false, corrupted and in need of repair and rehabilitation.

Especially individuals who have been in the spiritual business fields of holistic healing, yoga and wisdom teachings for many years – health practitioners, yoga instructors and authors – are experiencing crisis and stagnation. Despite all their best intentions, it is indicative of a lack of integrity in their soulfield. They might have had amazing success in the past, but now get stranded under an invisible glass ceiling. Time to shed light on the dynamics behind it.

Energy flows where attention goes and ‚love & light‘ are surely optimal energies to focus on. But waking up to love, light and ecstasy is one thing. While waking up to truth, discernment and equanimity is quite another.

The era of new age, and love 'n light had its role. Many people got inspired to begin their journey of self-healing and spiritual awakening. Especially in the West, where spiritually starved people absorbed the buffet of spiritual streams like dry sponges, without discernment. It healed and nourished them, refilled their wounded or empty inner spaces to a certain degree.

There are the budding lightworkers who can get stuck in a field of supersweet illusionary light fog (astral bliss), when they are not ready to hear about the full spectrum of subtle energies and not willing to look at anything they perceive as unpleasant and negative.

Yet truth is seen with a sober mind and absence of emotional charge. And excitement is a charge that can distract or blind.

But the seemingly ‘more advanced’ teachers and practitioners can get trapped as well. They believe to make great progress because they feel wonderful and have worldly success, but in reality they got tricked and their whole system became unduly entangled with destructive energy phenomena that siphon their lifeforce and sabotage their further progress.

When I speak of dark and destructive, I mean invisible blockages, disturbances, interferences or temptations and manipulations that prevent an individual to perceive clearly, to progress and to embody their full potential and higher dimensional self. Targeted are especially the true healers and galactic teachers amongst us as they are change agents and have more responsibility than others.

Unfolding into pure consciousness and unconditional love is the benevolent pull and push of existence that influences us, whether we are aware of it or not. And if you as spiritual healer, teacher and practitioner get stuck with your current way of doing and being, it is an invitation to stop, turn within and become self-aware of the inner work that is required to be done by you now. Typically it involves healing of very old, deeply layered and binding traumata. Your influence is capped, the breaks are on to prevent damage in your self and the collective consciousness field.

Top 5 Potential Traps:

  1. - 'spiritual glamour': business success and its sticky net of flattery, fame and finances

  2. - mesmerizing miracle powers, bliss and ecstatic feelings in clients or students

  3. - complacency, self-rightousness, belief to have reached somewhere (enlightenment)

  4. - identification with the spiritual self (can be quite perfidious)

  5. - 3D strategies and paradigms (corporate approach, norms, conventions etc)

5 Impulses for clearing the path:

  1. - check your agenda; conscious beingness is no more compatible with old 3D paradigms

  2. - a business is inherently linked to its owner and founder, and fragmentations and blockages in the owner affect the business. soulfield fragmentation might be due to personal constellations, ancestral constellations or higher dimensional issues.

  3. - a close relation (spouse, guru, community structure) might not be as beneficial and truthful as you believe. your work might get 'sabotaged', but sabotage is an indicator for need of healing existing blind spots and weaknesses in your system.

  4. - are you truly connected to supreme source and ready red let go of what is not working anymore? ready to hear, trust and follow your intuition, even if the outcome is neither clear nor guaranteed?

  5. check integrity of your business communication material – does it really convey your organisation's (or product's) soul essence?

Now is the time to change and step up. Step out of deceptive fantasylands, subtle self-sabotage and distorted timelines. Acknowledge your heartspace but include your wise knowing 'third eye' vision. Time to consciously re-align yourself and your business. Shed what is not you, and re-member what is you. Therewith unfold the soul essence of your business, enterprise or products.

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