Unclutter Your Soulfield

It takes certain steps to cultivate and maintain a beautiful garden. And it takes a certain routine and structure to maintain physical health and hygiene. We don’t wear fresh clothes before we had our morning shower, and we don’t cook a fresh meal in a filthy pot. Equally there is a process for mental hygiene and soul healing that has proven effective.

Soul & Spirit

Our soul, though pure and potent in its original state, is fragile, and repeated negativity, stress and traumata can fracture and cover it. Good news is that our illuminated, incorruptible spirit self can guide us not only in the healing and re-memberance of our original essence, but also in navigating the reality here on Earth.

Some people call our most subtle aspect soul. In my experience however, the soul is a dimensional density level down from spirit and therefore potentially susceptible to interferences, overlays and disruptions. It is our spirit and higher self that give us true guidance to make optimal decisions in life and shed light on areas that require course correction, or soul healing.

Soul healing puts attention on all levels of our beingness – the physical, energetic, mental, emotional and the most subtle, spiritual. And in terms of work on the inner realms, it starts with the activation of self-awareness, the desire to transcend suffering and to take response-ability to evolve.

If crisis, disease, stagnation or destructive relationship- and behaviour- patterns manifest in your life, it is an invitation to pay closer attention to what is truly going on within yourself. To align body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, which is also key for remembering your true self and 'purpose'.

Permanent healing can happen, when we let go of what we are not, and re-member what we are. Unless we heal from past traumatic experiences and restore emotional balance, aspects of ourselves remain dissociated and we tend to continue to be stuck in cycles of crisis, compulsions, suffering and reactivity. Our bodies do not function optimally and higher dimensional frequencies are not processed or not even experienced.

The ancient shamanic healing method of Soul Retrieval is a completion and closure process that brings back and re-integrate facets of ourselves that we have lost in this life or another. And because our soul fragmentation(s) usually happened when we are so young (in our formative years), we are unaware of the unconscious compensation patterns we are living out due to our first experience(s) of trauma and soul damage.

While it is crucial to bring back and remember our true self, it is also important to let go of destructive conditionings, limiting ancestral imprints and energetic entanglements. My holistic multidimensional approach embraces your entire system, from physical body and the mental level to the emotional layers and most subtle realms of soul and spirit.


1. Comprehensive Aura & Home Clearing: Sweeping of your home environment and your body field from attachments and interferences. Releasing energetic noise and distractions that were never yours in the first place helps to harmonise mind and body. It prevents repeated intrusions during your healing process.

2. Inner Child Healing & Multidimensional Soul Retrieval: Healing of emotional wounds and integration of fragments after traumata especially during formative years between conception and adolescence. Retrieving lost soul parts is absolutely crucial in order to restore your soul integrity and personal strengths.

3. Healing Ancestral Constellation: The release of transgenerational trauma transmission and the reconciliation with your parents and predecessors create the foundation for your sovereignty and progress.

4. Unclutter: bring order to your home and other living spaces, and finish incompletions in relationships (forgive and let go) as well as pending paperwork. All possessions and all unfinished business want your attention and therewith bind your precious lifeforce, whether you are aware of it or not.

Care and Maintenance:

5. Spiritual Practice & Self-Enquiry: Regular meditation and silence to anchor your self and nourish your soul. To quieten the monkey mind and access your inner knowing.

6. High Frequency Alignment: Impulses for energetic cleaning, recharge and activations in the presence of evolved beings.

7. Integration & Grounding: bodywork like massage, walking in nature, gardening, running, swimming, dancing, yoga practice

8. Pure, sattvic food: Vegetarian organic food, good oils, pure water. Meals should be simple but delicious and nutritious.

Conscious Creation:

9. Higher Self Guidance: Increasing present moment awareness, higher sense perception, discernment and love in everyday life.

10. Spiritual Housekeeping: In addition to your physical body and worldly households, also your mental / emotional / energetic realities need to be maintained.

11. Co-create meaningful relationships: Taking care of being whole and integrated is about self-awareness and self-love. And the more conscious and loving people become, the more caring they also become of others – people, the animal kingdom, nature and the cosmos.

12. Vision Quest & Engagement in Life: Exploration towards the embodiment of your spirit and your soul mission. Implement what you have learned – and contribute.

Are you, in your opinion, the optimal personification of the cosmic consciousness that you believe exists? If not, what adjustments do you wish to make?


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